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Rights Policy

~Welcome!~ *** Please take a moment to consider the following; *** We here at Partly Rowdy Productions hereby publicly acknowledge that any and all intelectual properties provided for commercial use to this platform or it's proprietors via membership or other such third-party proxy shall remain as the intelectual property of such individual or enterprise unless otherwise officially acknowledged by both the rightful owner(s) of said properties as well as a *certified* representative of Partly Rowdy Productions. *** We take great pride in conducting ourselves with honesty and integrity. We believe you have the right to thorough and straightforward disclosure of applicable terms and conditions throughout all negotiations, consultations, collaborations, or other such relevant or we will make no compromise in our efforts to facilitate confidence and satisfaction in

*certifications are officiated in-house - representatives must possess documentation issued no more than six (6) months prior to oversight of matters regarding the transfer of ownership of intellectual properties.

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