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Code Of Conduct

~Welcome!~ *** Please take a moment to consider the following; *** We are thrilled to provide an open and supportive sandbox for fans and artists alike, . We ask that in return, all users conduct themselves with respect and civility while; *Communicating with other users, *Posting and replying to our forums, Or Engaging with any other such interactive content. *** 1. No Trash-Talk, Hate-Speech, Or Bullying! *** Any interactions taking place within our public forums which we deem aggressive, mean-spirited, insensitive, or distasteful may result in disciplinary action being taken at our own discresion. We will NEVER penalize you for sticking up for yourself or one another! If, while browsing any of our pages, you find yourself feeling bullied, victimized, discriminated against, OR the witness to any such situation, please do not hesitate to submit a contact form detailing your concerns and the issue will be promptly and thoroughly investigated and addressed in an appropriate manner. *** 2. No Public Drama! *** In instances of irreconsilable differences, mutual resentments, or other such severe animosity between users, preexisting or otherwise, it is not to be demonstrated within any public forum or other such interactive content made available on our platform. Drama will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action being taken at our own discression. If such a dilemma becomes an obstruction which is preventing yourself or others from interacting freely with our platform, please do not hesitate to submit a contact form detailing your concerns and the issue will be promptly and thoroughly investigated and addressed in an appropriate manner. *** (and most of all) *** 3. Enjoy the Ride! *** Thank you for taking the time to read and understand our code of conduct, we hope that your experience within this community is rewarding, inspirational, and productive! Remember to check back regularly for fresh content from our featured creators as well as limited runs on exclusive merchandise and our ever-expanding catalogue of informational resources available free of charge to every registered member! Please feel free to contact us anytime to share your experience! *** ~PartlyRowdyProductions~ *** If you have made it to the end of the code of conduct, we would like to take a moment to commemorate you for your unparalelled dedication to appropriate and honorable virtual conduct. Indeed you are the perfect example of class and intelligence in action. We are deeply grateful for this refreshing demonstration of your upstanding nature and nobility. As a token of our sincerest appreciation, we would like to let you in on some top-secret information. The following text contains a hidden code-word, which unlocks an exclusive guest pass to our VIP services, including discounted merchendise, early-access to limited promotions, and much more! *** Please take a moment to disregard the following; *** The make-believe obligations which you scrawled upon the calendar in dried out purple expo marker, you know, the calendar above the coffee pot in the break-room, the break room with the orange laminate flooring and the partical-board cupboards and the growing pile of illegible sticky notes which are gradually melting into the counter by the microwave, but nobody wants to clean it up because it's like kinda pretty and there's nothing else to look at in that room, you know the one right across from that elevator which is like conveniently just close enough to the reserved parking space with your name on it that like when you hit the push to start on your keyfob as you're waiting for the elevator to arrive, it usually works, and you know someone will probably flip the page on that calendar during your weekend anyway, cause it's already like six days overdue, and you probably won't ever have to see it again anyway. Which means you can forget the reasons that you already forgot that you made up, like you couldn't even remember what you said about it by the time you got back to your desk because you never actually had any actual plans for those days, you were just trying to cover up for the fact that you were spaced out for seven minutes, vacantly staring at the monochrome photo of an overweight hairless cat with the uneven orange bowtie and the ridiculously thick glasses with the dorky-looking old school frames, like your aunt Tyrah used to wear, and then your supervisor asked you about how those bi-weekly sales spreadsheets were looking, and it scared you, and you let out a dribble of urine and spilled some of your coffee on the back of your hand and on the sleeve of your only good white dress shirt, and you tried to play it off by rambling something about how much neater your paperwork was with the dark blue gel pens and that new three-hole-punch that you got four weeks ago instead of a bonus, but you actually haven't even opened that three-hole-punch yet, so you scramble to change the subject, and you blurt out some jumble of words that apparently vaguely resembled a good reason to leave work early, then you scrawled some big circles randomly on the calandar with that dried out purple expo marker, then you speedwalked out the door as if you were in the middle of something urgent, but like, you tripped yourself on the back of your own shoe, and you barely kept yourself from falling to the floor by grabbing onto the door handle, but it twisted your wrist all bad, and when you got back to your desk, you realized you hadn't even started that spread-sheet, and you left the blue pens at home so you only had a red one, and you couldn't really hold it properly so your handwriting was gonna be all sloppy, and then you realized that you didn't even get one sip of that coffee, and you left it on the counter by the calendar. But thankfully, you're in the clear now, because tomorrow is Adams' last PTO day, and he'll be back tomorrow at like 2pm, and he's like weirdly obsessive-compulsive about the calendars around the office, which is probably why no one else remembered to change them, like, you didn't even bother to change it, man, and you were the one that was all paranoid about it because of that one weird interaction you had with your supervisor. *** Thank You for Your Incognizance!

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